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Adam Audio is a renowned brand in the world of audio production and known for their exceptional sound quality and reliability. They offer a wide range of studio monitors, including the popular T7V and T5V models, as well as the A7X model. The flagship model is the T7V, which is a 7” two-way active monitor with a frequency response of 35 Hz – 25 kHz. The T5V is another popular model from Adam Audio that offers a 5” woofer and an extended frequency response of 50 Hz – 25 kHz.

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For those who need more power, there’s the A7X – a powerful 7” active monitor with an impressive frequency response range of 42 Hz – 50 kHz. All these models are available at Adam Audio shops around the world and offer great sound quality for professional applications. Whether you’re a professional music producer or an amateur home recording enthusiast, Adam Audio has something to suit your needs. With their reliable build quality and stunning sound reproduction, Adam Audio monitors provide an unparalleled listening experience. So if you’re looking for top-notch studio monitors at an affordable price like Adam A7v, look no further than Adam Audio’s shop!

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