The ADAM Audio S5H is an incredible sounding main monitor, with its performance specifications and design features tailored to the demanding rigors of expansive studios and large control rooms.

The three-way S5H was designed to be used horizontally and comes equipped with two 10” Extended Linear Excursion (ELE) bass drivers, newly designed by ADAM Audio expressly for the S Series. As with all S Series woofers, the S5H’s proprietary ELE™ and SMA™ technologies ensure a dynamic and uncompromising, distortion-free bass reproduction that goes down to down to 25 Hz. Adam Audio A7X STUDIO PRO HEADPHONES SP-5 A77H MIDFIELD MONITOR A44H NEARFIELD MONITOR A8H MIDFIELD MONITOR

The 4” DCH midrange driver, another ADAM Audio proprietary innovation, is responsible for reproducing the mid-range information with extreme precision. Its unique, hybrid design combines the sonic advantages of cone and dome drivers in a single one-piece unit, and enables reproduction down to 200 Hz, free from coloration. Together with ADAM Audio’s handcrafted S-ART tweeter, the S5H delivers exceptionally precise stereo resolution with a palpable sense of depth; a sound that is a powerful but unfatiguing, with a completely unstrained and natural-sounding reproduction.

Milled out of solid aluminum, the MPS and HPS waveguides direct and optimize the midrange and tweeter dispersion patterns in order to accommodate multiple people within the S5H’s wide sweet spot, thus meeting the requirements of those working in especially large control rooms.

A trio of extremely powerful PWM power amplifiers delivers 700 watts to the woofer, 300 watts to the DCH mid, and 100 watts to the S-ART treble drivers, just like its sister model, the S5V. A pair of S5Hs produces an impressive, maximum of 131 dB of sound pressure. S5H MAIN-MONITOR

Specifically for the S Series, the DSP module implements perfectly tuned crossovers and enables the S5H to achieve an optimal frequency response. Two parametric shelving filters (for bass and treble) and six fully parametric EQs can be individually adapted to the given room conditions, or to your own listening tastes. In addition, the DSP also handles the limiter-based high-frequency driver protection, the signal processes from the AES3 digital inputs, and various future expansion options. The S Control Remote app can be used to adjust parameters and control functions, as can the easy installation of software updates via the USB port.

Its innovative features, generous headroom, and enormous dynamic range, along with its advanced design mean the S5H takes its rightful place as ADAM Audio’s flagship reference monitor. An extraordinary studio speaker for when you need audio reproduction at the highest levels of fidelity.


Panel: Rear,
THD < 100 Hz: ≤0.3 %
Max. SPL per pair at 1 m: ≥131 dB
Crossover Frequencies: 250 Hz / 3 kHz
Frequency Response: 22 Hz – 50 kHz
Max. Power Consumption: 900 W
Magnetically Shielded:
Weight: 160 lb (72,6 kg)
Height x Width x Depth: 16,9″ (430 mm) x 34,8″ (885 mm) x 19,7“ (500 mm)
Input Sensitivity: Adjustable
High-Shelf: 1
Input Impedance: 48 kOhm


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