The ADAM Audio S6X main monitor has been developed especially for those working in large control rooms and film studios. Its design increases the realistic reproduction offered by ADAM Audio monitors, taking typical reproduction realism into even higher sound pressure levels. To achieve this goal, the S6X has been designed with various, innovative technical features.

Unlike many other main monitors, the S6X refrains from the typical overloading within the bass range. It also has a wide radiation pattern in addition to moderate vertical beaming, which is crucial when it comes to minimizing the impact of ceiling and floor reflections and achieving a neutral sound reproduction at high volumes.

Within the S6X MAIN MONITOR are seven individual speakers, arranged so that gradual transitions can be made possible given the size of the cabinet. It employs a horizontal symmetry that can be described as an extended D’Appolito configuration, which, when combined with suitable transition frequencies and filter slopes, results in radiation patterns that lead to consistent reproduction characteristics in the horizontal center position. At the same time, the speakers reduce vertical sound dispersion, and thus the sound-distorting initial reflections from the ceiling, floor, or mixing console. This results in better stereo imaging and a more three-

Another sound-relevant design feature of the S6X is the use of AluCore® panels, which are made out of an extra-solid component material with an aluminum honeycomb core, on which the S6X drivers are mounted. This improves the mechanical coupling between the drivers and the wooden cabinet, which in turn improves the time behavior of the speakers. Adam Audio A7X STUDIO PRO HEADPHONES SP-5 A77H MIDFIELD MONITOR A44H NEARFIELD MONITOR A8H MIDFIELD MONITOR

The multitude of innovative sonically relevant concepts, and uncompromising design, make the S6X one of the most extraordinary and largest active monitors on the current market. The horizontal symmetry takes into account harmonic diaphragm size ratios, which in turn results in extremely linear frequency response and homogeneous dynamic behavior.

Even the most complex orchestral structures can be analyzed and spatially arranged with ease via the S6X. Extensive control options on the front panel allow for adjusting to different acoustic situations or personal taste.

One 500 watt amplifier is assigned to each of the 12″ woofers, while the other frequency ranges are each powered by 250 watt units. With SPL peak levels well beyond 130 dB — entirely without compression effects or even aggressiveness — the S6X is an excellent choice for large control rooms, film, or sound studios.

In addition to the input sensitivity that can be adapted in the range of ±10 dB, there are four other level controls that affect the individual amplifier modules. Shelving filters at both ends of the frequency spectrum, as well as three fully parametric EQs, help effectively compensate for standing waves in the control room.

The EQs can be inserted separately or grouped so their effect can be directly evaluated. In a film setting, the speakers can be used in control rooms to simulate cinematic sound. To meet the ISO 2969 International Standard filter setting, the Dolby™ X-curve has to be applied. Making a reduction of 3 dB/octave, starting at 2 kHz, can be engaged with the selector switch on the front of the monitor, eliminating the need for external processing during the film mix. There is a second switchable XLR-in on the front panel, allowing you to work independently and without having to move the unit.


Panel: Front
THD < 100 Hz: ≤0.5 %
Max. SPL per pair at 1 m: ≥133 dB
Crossover Frequencies: 85 / 800 / 3100 Hz
Frequency Response: 23 Hz – 50 kHz
Max. Power Consumption:
Magnetically Shielded: No
Weight: 213.8 lb (97 kg)
Height x Width x Depth: 28.5″ (720 mm) x 37″ (940 mm) x 19.5″ (490 mm)
Input Sensitivity: ±10 dB
Gain: ±4 dB
High-Shelf: ±6 dB
Low-Shelf: ±6 dB
Input Impedance: 10 kOhm


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