With incredible quality, matched with an equally impressive affordable price point, the award-winning ADAM Audio T8V + T10S BASS KIT/T8V T10S BASS KIT is the most powerful and impressive model from the T Series range.

Meticulously designed to meet ADAM Audio’s high standards of durability and high performance, the T8V is perfect for those who have always wanted to work with monitors equipped with 8” drivers, but have been deterred through budgetary reasons.

Like the T5V and T7V models, the T8V T10S BASS KIT is powered with Class D amplification and uses the precision U-Art tweeter with the HPS-waveguide system. What makes the T8V stand out from its counterparts, is its more pronounced sound and power, thanks in part to its larger, polypropylene 8” woofer, and 70 watt amplifier.

The ADAM Audio T8V T10S BASS KIT pair can reach SPLS of 118 dBs, in addition to going as low as 33 Hz, which makes it particularly suitable for those making bass-heavy music.

With great headroom, high-end detail and a large sweet spot, the T8V has enough quality to perform as a main monitor in most professional recording setups, in addition to being compact enough for home studio environments. Providing best-in-class characteristics with a non-fatiguing sound at only 9.8kg, the T8V is one of the best sounding 8” monitors around.

The ADAM Audio T10S is a powerful yet compact active subwoofer, with a particularly attractive price/performance ratio, designed for extending the bass range of smaller and medium nearfield monitors. Its dimensions make the T10S especially useful for home studio and semi-professional use. The subwoofer’s performance, features and connectivity are engineered specifically to complement ADAM Audio’s T5V and T7V speakers.

Equipped with a downward-firing 10˝ woofer, ample sized bass reflex port, and commanding 130 watt Class-D amplifier, the T10S’ frequency response ranges from 28 Hz to 120 Hz and offers an impressive maximum sound pressure level of 104 dB.

An adjustable low-pass filter for matching to satellites, automatic or manual on/off, and four acoustically decoupling rubber feet complete the T10S’s features. The qualities of the T10S subwoofer have found favor in numerous tests by the international trade press. Adam Audio A7X STUDIO PRO HEADPHONES SP-5 SUB2100 SUBWOOFER SUB15 SUBWOOFER SUB12 SUBWOOFER



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